Servos can be used for point motor (or turnout) control, or for controlling semaphore signals. On my layout all of the points are operated by Servos.

These servo controllers require no programming, the servo angle or distance of travel is simply set with trimpots using a screwdriver and the direction can be reversed with a switch.

Servos 8 (4 Servos 2 positions)

Simple Servos 8 will drive 4 Servos, each is set to 2 position, these are ideal for servos used as point motors or other simple animations. 

I also have a video showing how simple it is to setup.

For more information download these instructions.

The Price for Simple Servos 8 is only $60 (this is $15 per servo)

Simple Servos 7 (2 Servos 2 or 3 positions)

Simple Servos 7 will drive 2 Servos, each is set to 3 position. These are ideal for servos used driving semaphore signals, other animations. Each position is able to be finely adjusted for the correct position. In this version there are 6 Trimpots (blue Square) instead of the normal 4. The centre Trimpot is used to Adjust the centre position.
These controllers also drive the servo slower for more realistic operation. 
For more information download these instructions. 

The Price for Simple Servos 7 is $60