DCC Decoders

DCC Accessory or Stationary Decoders, Programmed or customisable.

These are 16-channel stationary decoder and may be used for operating turnouts, gates or turning lighting and other effects on and off. There are two main types available the Mini and the Nano. DCC Decoder Instructions are here
These are not yet released but are expected to cost $60ea. (Modified programming of the Mini from $10)


DCC Decoder Mini

The mini can be ordered to turn the outputs on and off with your selection of DCC stationary addresses, eg address 1 to 16 turn outputs 1 to 16 on or off.
The mini requires extra hardware to reprogram if required.

DCC Decoder Nano

The is programmed to turn the outputs on and off like the micro. The Nano is designed for people who program Arduinos, and you can change the program to achieve many different functions. There are outputs on the board to connect to Servos directly.
The nano requires a micro USB cable to reprogram.
The base program is available for free.